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Mummy Brown and Other Historical Colors

$ 25.00

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In addition to the forty colors in the original comic, I’ve also added some new ones: Han Purple, Maya Blue, Cadmium Red, Undark, and Dragon’s Blood. Oh, and full disclosure: I didn’t actually buy, use, and scan all these colors, because most of them are expensive, toxic, and/or no longer exist. What’s on the poster are digital approximations of paint-on-paper.

These prints are super high-quality - bright colors, matte finish, and paper so thick it makes a noise when you hit things with it (although I wouldn't try it unless you like your posters bent). Seriously, I'd call them art prints if it didn't make me feel so pretentious.

    • See the original comic (and descriptions of all those colors)
    • Printed on heavy-duty paper with a nice matte finish.
    • Printed with Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and Ultrachrome HDR inks.
    • Made to order in Los Angeles using local materials.

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