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The Hindu God Family Tree

$ 25.00

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Hinduism is the product of 6000 years of contradicting and coalescing religious ideas, in which time is cyclical, the world’s an illusion, and more or less everyone is an incarnation, reincarnation, preincarnation, aspect, or avatar of someone else. For the most part, Hindu gods don’t have consistent, universally accepted relationships with one another, and even the most popular have seemingly contradictory myths. So this isn't an authoritative Hindu God family tree - just an-almost plausible one.

These prints are super high-quality - bright colors, matte finish, and paper so thick it makes a noise when you hit things with it (although I wouldn't try it unless you like your posters bent). Seriously, I'd call them art prints if it didn't make me feel so pretentious.

  • See the original comic (and descriptions of every god pictured)
  • Printed on heavy-duty paper with a nice matte finish.
  • Printed with Epson Stylus Pro 7900 and Ultrachrome HDR inks.
  • Made to order in Los Angeles using local materials.

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